Retailers are the battlefront contributors in this industry. You all have various skills in guiding, consulting, managing, and servicing.

We hope to do our best to understand the bottlenecks you encountered and provide back-end support to you.


May you have excellent technical skills, strong connections, brilliant ideas or passionate enthusiasm, as long as we share the similar vision on tabletop games, we should gather to burst out bright sparks.


We believe that education is the cornerstone of cultural progress, whence tabletop game is a very effective carrier in the field of education. 

No matter you are a teacher, a professor, or a caring parent, we want to exchange ideas with you about education and the application of tabletop games.


You are an trendsetter of tabletop games, who strive to provide professional evaluation and experience analysis.

Our technology and platform will be the icing on the cake and take you to the next level.