Values and Beliefs
Full of Positive Energy

Game, is a charming activity in nature.

It triggers our progressiveness, and helps you witness yourself who you are.

This mental activity can shorten the psychological distance among people.

Therefore, we contribute our enthusiasm to enhance the level of tabletop games in reality.

Benefit more players

Table games are an intellectual sport.

We hope to show newcomers the direct ways, and to widen the dimensions of satisfaction for enthusiastic players.

Tabletop games will shine in different fields such as education, therapy, branding, etc.

Tabletop games will become a more humanistic activity in culture and life.

Empower Tabletop Games by Tech

The Internet brings us digitalization. However, physical interacting among people is  should never be replaced.

By breathing the same mass of air together in the same atmosphere, we recognize our existences with each other .

We deliberately use our digital skills, To facilitate the annoying and cumbersome work encountered in tabletop games. We shall enhance the effectiveness of variety use of tabletop games.